The First 48


(More like Hi mom, I started a blog, are you happy?)

So I have arrived in Ireland. I have slept off the jet lag. I have toured the Guinness Store House. I saw a Trad Band. I think I’ve covered about 75% of the Dublin tourist requirements. It’s funny being a tourist as I’m so used to rolling my eyes at the embarrassingly revealing tourist questions that I am now asking.

I landed in Dublin after a unsettlingly bumpy flight around 4 am Dublin time and hung in the airport until the Duquesne transport arrived around 10 am. We pulled up to the house we’re staying in and this place is absolutely beautiful.

St. Michael's

St. Michael’s Mansion. It comes with lotsa history and ghost stories I’ll write about later! I’m rooming in a quad with only two other girls. One in my good friend from Duquesne Josie as well as a senior from Duquesne named Ashley (coincidentally my bestfriend/roomate in pittsburgh’s name). Josie is set to arrive on Thursday so it’s just me and Ashley in this giant bedroom so far. We actually have the master bedroom of the house and it’s huge and beautiful. We got lucky.

Monday we slept off the jetlag and grabbed dinner together. We were all still pretty exhausted from our flights so we took it pretty easy. Tuesday we got to do a tour of the Guinness store house. I am now certified to pour a “perfect pint.” The store house also has a gravity bar at the top with a gorgeous view of Dublin that I tried to take pictures of but they came up incredibly short. The tour guide asked if we knew the Gaelic word for cheers/good health. I was the only one that knew it (thanks Irish alcoholic family members: you know who you are.) I’m still not a fan of the beer itself but the storehouse was an awesome time.

Pouring the perfect pint

Pouring the perfect pint

After the storehouse Ashley and I needed to grab some essentials we weren’t able to pack so we walked to a Tesco,  which is their version of Pathmark. As a part of our meal plan we receive 100 Euro a month in a gift card to buy snacks and other necessary items. The only reason I’m writing about a boring grocery trip is because as I was walking through it, I noticed that they don’t refrigerate their eggs. This revelation is effecting me more than it should, but, like, why not refrigerate eggs? I don’t get it.

Anyway, last night we went to the temple bar area. We grabbed dinner at this place called Quay’s which was so so yummy. Then headed to the downstairs level, which was packed, and listened to an extremely talented guy singing some hit songs. Mostly American. Then we ventured to Temple Bar which also had live music, but this time it was two men putting an Irish folk twist on some Johnny Cash and John Denver. I think I was the only one under 27 singing every word (thanks dad).

Picture from Quay's

Picture from Quay’s. On my right, with the brown hair is my roommate Ashley.

So I woke up this morning (about 6 am your time, 11 am mine) feeling a little weighed down from all the pints, but our resident director told us about this amazing running course right down the road from us that parallels the bay. I am so ready to run off all the beer. I’ll try to post at least once maybe twice a week on here with lots of pictures and stories (Disclaimer: not all stories will be interesting; see egg refrigeration story) to keep everyone at home updated with what I’m doing and where I am. Miss you all tons and for those coming to visit I’m already so excited to show you Dublin!! Until next time, Sláinte!


13 thoughts on “The First 48

  1. Ellen Flynn says:

    Fantastic. Great way to keep in touch. Glad you git that Guiness trip down. Now you can pour pints at any pub Slainte! Hope the Craic is mighty and you enjoy everyday. I love you. I miss you ! I’m so proud of you. Enjoy!

  2. Cecelia Flynn Wms says:

    Wow. This is fantastic! Luv the egg story. Haha. Pls keep them coming. Can’t wait to see tomorrows diary entry. 🙂 Love U! Don’t be afraid to sing them a song… they love lil competition at the pub! Stay safe.

  3. Dan Walsh says:

    Love your Blog Nellie, have fun!!!! Don’t miss the Brazen Head!!!
    BTW what John Denver and Johnnie Cash songs did they Irish up?

  4. Mary McCracken says:

    I love your blog, Nellie. It is so much fun to read your experiences! Sounds like you are talking to us. Can’t wait to “hear” your next day. Have fun!

  5. Kar-mom says:

    Hey Nells bells, this is great, keep it up. Was the 2 guys doing country in Gogertys? Don’s miss having a boxty at Gallaghers, right on Fleet in Temple Bar.

  6. BOB ALCORN says:


  7. Matt Vesey says:

    i hope you are still have a great time. Your Dad is trying to get me to shoot back over with him before you leave. i hope to see you soon.

    When you get back, can you teach me to set up a “Blog”? I think the world needs a more Matt Vesey!

  8. Cecelia Flynn Wms says:

    I def vote for a Matt Vesey blog and I want to go with them to visit you!!! Im sounding lil pathetic, bored here in NJ…

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