“In Dublin next arrived, I thought it such a pity, To be so soon deprived, A view of that fine city.”

Hey all,

Thanks for all the responses! Its nice knowing I can share this with you guys!

(+10 points to anyone that knows the song I took the title of this post from!)

So since I left off last, I have had some beautiful runs, visited my school, and continued my strict diet of soup, popcorn, and Heineken. Josie’s finally made it to Dublin! She arrived around 10 this morning and all the girls in the house took the day to shop around Grafton Street. It’s a gorgeous pedestrian only area with an overwhelming amount of amazing sales. I got some new shirts to go out in since I’ve seemed to burn through my wardrobe already.. oops.

Friends and family, I’ve come to a sad realization in my recent nights of meeting people from all over the world: The world seems to think everyone from New Jersey is Snooki. I can’t tell you how many times the response has been a wide eyed gasp followed by “New Jersey? Hey guess where she’s from? New Jersey!” when I answer the deadly question of where I’m from. I might start saying Canada so I don’t have to continue with my now perfected “Jersey Shore Disassociation” speech. Although there is one exception: one saintly Irish person’s immediate response to New Jersey  was “Oh! Bruce Springsteen!”  He has given me hope. I won’t try to pass myself off as Canadian just yet, but if I come home saying “aboot” I think you can guess why.

I have a million pictures to post, but I still suck at this blog thing so there may be an easier way, but bare with me. If you’ve been following me on instagram or facebook (so everyone except my mother) then you’ve probably seen some of these, but for my mom’s sake, I’ll post them on here as well. I ran about 7 miles today and came across the most beautiful trail ever. My run ended up taking over an hour cause I couldn’t help but stop and take a billion pictures and also because walking dogs without a leash seems to be incredibly common. Hopefully that proves to be therapeutic. I ran past two today without stopping to cautiously walk! Running seems to be very popular here. Every time I step outside I seem to see at least three runners, but even more during the night time. I would much rather run during the day however. My mom always tells me I’ll breathe better if I keep my head up and stop looking at the ground and after you see these pictures, you can understand how easy those directions will be to follow. (mom, if you click on the pictures, they get bigger).

Last night may have been the best night of the week. My roommate Ashley and my resident director laura and two guys living with us went to a place called Whelan’s. Which can be seen in this little clip of P.S. I Love You. (the one with singer that’s not Gerard Butler). If you are one of the few coming to visit me and you don’t yet know every word to Galway Girl, it’s time to change that. The sooner the better because that song is everywhere over here.

Unfortunately a cute Irish man did not dedicate a song to me, but rest assured, I have not given up on my P.S. I Love You dreams quite yet. But we did see Deer Tick who put on an awesome show. Apparently the lead singer of Deer Tick was also on his Honey Moon with “A Thousand Miles” singer Vanessa Carlton who came out to perform a duet. Kind of a cool surprise. What made the night even better was how unbelievably kind these people were. Normally at shows I’ve been to in the US, people are elbowing, pushing and cursing to get up to the front of the stage. At this show however, if my shoulder so much as grazed another person’s, that person responded with an immediate “I’m sorry” even when it may have been my fault. My resident director is about an inch or two shorter than me, and when the tall man standing in front of her noticed, he immediately offered for her to move in front of him for a better view. I could barely believe the difference between the concert etiquette. I definitely want to see some more shows there.

Deer Tick at Whelan's

Deer Tick at Whelan’s

We also had orientation at UCD. The campus is insanely pretty. Very, very modern. There are a million clubs available to us as well. I’m looking into the boxing club, which stresses that girls are welcome to join, but I’m still feeling a little intimidated so… we’ll see if I get up the guts to do that one. Tomorrow morning around 8 a.m. we head to Belfast for the night. I’m sure I’ll have tons to write about after that. In the mean time if you haven’t tried a Baby Guinness shot, I highly recommend it. Kahlua on the bottom, Baileys on the top. Sooo good. That’s all for now folks! Slán!

Lunch at Bewley's on Grafton Street today. My coffee came with a biscuit :)

Lunch at Bewley’s on Grafton Street today. My coffee came with a biscuit 🙂


19 thoughts on ““In Dublin next arrived, I thought it such a pity, To be so soon deprived, A view of that fine city.”

  1. Ellen Flynn says:

    Bewleys for coffee or tea another great tradition. By the way, if you run into Gerry Butler it’s best to let him down easy that I did get married. Greg and I are in Cancun, fun in the sun. Miss you cutie have fun! BTW don’t they expect you to show up in school one of these day!

  2. Cecelia Flynn Wms says:

    Is this a second blog site or just second entry? Lovin every detail, Pls keep it up! Missing U and very jealous!
    Try not to fist pump, dead giveaway… stay a Jersey girl. They need the true definition! Luv U!

  3. Torker says:

    Tell Mikey they know some of us are fat I’ve been there to prove it !
    Sounds like your having a great time but why Heineken did you try the Harp ?
    Have fun !!!!

  4. Torker says:

    Yes the harp is more like the beer your use to I don’t care for Guinness but I really liked the harp hope you had fun in Belfast
    P.S. if you get to Poland say hi to my relatives !!

  5. Cecelia Flynn Wms says:

    I drank Bulmers Cider when I was hungover… its nice & lite between beer & soda. Try it. SmithWicks. Is really good too.

  6. Charlotte Flynn says:

    Wow! Those run routes look great. & Be like Marsha Brady & join all the clubs, or was it Jan Brady??????? Don’t forget to drink lots of water too. Staying hydrated means water, water, water. (I have to slip in my motherly advice). So glad your having a blast. I’m having a blast reading your blogs & pics are awesome.

  7. Ellen Flynn says:

    Also a Shandylager if too hungover to get a beer down. It’s lager with ginger ale or 7Up but I drank smith wicks or harp or my go to backup. VODKA, have fun whatever you choose to do. Love you lots.

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