Playing Catch-Up

Hey peeps,

Haven’t posted in a week or so, so I thought I’d do that now! Not much to report this time… Last week was our first week of classes. I’ve already talked about my music and words class, but I’m also taking a class called Life in the Republic. The class is a look at the transition from the Irish Free State to the Republic of Ireland up until the bank failures in 2008. I’m feeling a bit in over my head on this one, but hopefully I can keep up.

Last week we saw another band at Whelan’s. This time a local group called Mojo Gogo who put on an awesome show. We also went to a club/pub inbetween called Flannery’s which we all loved. My roommate Ashley found a more European-style restaurant called the Winding Stair right across the river from the Temple Bar area. The food was amazing and the view was gorgeous.

The Winding Stair over looks the River LIffey

The Winding Stair over looks the River LIffey


Ashley also found a cute little cafe called the Bell & Pot so six of us ventured there this afternoon and as my friend Tara put it, if Anthropologie had a restaurant, this would be it. We spent the rainy afternoon drinking tea, eating soup, and just talking about everything from ghost stories to family aspirations. Then we searched for a Gluten free bakery Tara had heard about called Antoinettes.

Clearly not a super amount of interesting things to report this week, but most of it was spent trying to get acclimated to the city. We’ve almost got the bus system mastered! My Irish friend from Duquesne, Harry, asked me yesterday if I’ve noticed any differences between Ireland and America. Although there definitely hasn’t been anything major quite yet, there are some little things:

1. People here drive like maniacs and would probably belly laugh at the term yield to pedestrians. When you’re crossing the street you better look left and right three times over before taking a step. Those cars come out of no where and the busses will kill you before stopping to let you cross.

2. The students dress differently here. Showing up to class dressed in clothes from the work out section of TJ Maxx (TK Maxx in Ireland for whatever reason) is a huge no no. The girls dress so adorably. I’ve seen a lot of black booties and white converses, Cigarette style skinny jeans, and over sized sweaters among other fashionable tops as acceptable class wear. I’ve been keeping up so far, but it’s likely I will return to my TJ maxx attire soon because putting together cute outfits is just too much damn work. The boys however still seem to be living in 2008. Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch are everywhere you turn. Remember DC sneakers? You don’t have to reminisce too far back over here because they still seem to be a thing. But obviously the accent makes up for any and all fashion faux pas.

3. The houses here. The houses I have seen in Dublin are absolutely beautiful. No one house looks like the next. They all have their own character to them and none of them are made of the cheap plastic type material you’ll find in the states. Sometimes I’ll switch up my runs from the bay to the streets just get a better look at all the gorgeous detail put into each home.

4. Dogs without a leash. The dogs here are so ridiculously well behaved! More often than not a dog is walking alongside his owner leash-less. I don’t know how they do it. If Rudy was off his leash for a second he’d be jumping on the first person that passed him or chasing the first squirrel he saw. These dogs could care less about any one else. All they want is their owners and their tennis ball. The dogs without a leash used to make me nervous, but now I find myself less trusting of the ones with the leash.

5. Alcohol is expensive as fug. (sorry mom). But really a pint here is usually between 5.50-5.70 euro. Which converts to about$7.80. A handle of Smirnoff is about 51 euro which converts to about $68 (we’re trying to find the Vlad equivalent, but no such luck so far). I’m definitely going to have to start looking into some more free/cheap activities to do here in Dublin before I spend everything I have on pints and cabs.

All in all I love it here. My views on my runs never get old and I found a yoga studio half a mile up the road. We’re hoping to plan a trip to Cork for the weekend. So I’m sure I’ll have some slightly less boring stories to tell after that. Until then here’s some more random pictures I had no where to place in this post!


6 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up

  1. Ellen Flynn says:

    Nellie, very nice. Thanks for keeping us up to date. When you go to Cork head south to the seaport Kinsale. It is beautiful and has great bars! There is an old bar the Spaniard that you must visit. It is old and traditional. Don’t forget the Blarney Stone is Ireland’s version of Lucy the Elephant. They make you go to the top and lean backward to kiss the Blarney stone, it’s like making the Irish trudge up the elephant’s arse as they called it to see the beach. Keep having fun. Love you lots.

  2. Charlotte Flynn says:

    I enjoyed that blog, Nellie. Its funny how some pics at first glance reminded me of Pittsburgh (the River Liffey); and some reminded me of Margate(beaches). It’s nice that when your so far away, you still have some comforts of home. Keep us updated. XOXO!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kar-mom says:

    In Kinsale, if you are looking for a great meal and not just banging around the bars.. you have to eat at Jim Edwards, 13 of us we ate there on last years trip and all thought it was awesome.

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