Bienvenidas esto es mi sueño

Hello Folks! It’s time for the final installment of Nellie’s Spring Break Adventures! This time in the beautiful city of Barcelona!

SO Ashley and I arrived in Barcelona March 19th and after a little bit of confusion found our hostel right off La Rambla – the touristy hub of Barcelona. We spent 5 days here and always had something to do. I definitely appreciated the warmth of the upper 60 degree weather, as Ireland hasn’t been passing the lower fifties. Unfortunately a lot of what we did was based on taking in the beautiful sights and since I still don’t have pictures of much I”m not sure how much I can put into words, but I’ve found a youtube video someone must have captured of me ash and some friends while we were making our way through the city:

Clearly we were having a blast. Anyways. That’s the best I can do without pictures. It actually captured a lot of the places we got to see! We started our first day with a free walking tour. And time for our third installment of “it’s a small world after all”: A boy in my tour group was wearing a T-shirt with St. Augustine’s Prep on the back. He didn’t go there, but he was from New Jersey. Weirdness. Anyway We learned a ridiculous amount on our short walking tour. But my ADD kicked in. I got so distracted by the sights that Ashley had to repeat more than half of the information our tour guide had taught us because I had zero memory of it.

Our hostel was just around the corner from the Gothic Quarter with most buildings dating back to medieval times, but some going as far back as the Roman settlements in Barcelona. The buildings were beautiful and walking through the little tiny ally-ways, it almost felt like we were being taken back in time. We saw a lot of Picasso and other artworks, but my absolute favorite sights was anything done by Antoni Gaudi, an architect from the late 19th and early 20th century. Ash and I made a point to visit his famed work throughout Barcelona, starting with Parc Guell, which can be seen in the video posted above. The park was intended to be a housing complex with beautiful views of the city, but proved to be unsuccessful and eventually became a national park. We spent hours roaming around the park, looking at the beautiful buildings and structures. It was like walking around Candy Land! We also made our way to La Casa Batllo which is absolutely beautiful. It built for a middle class family, but is now more a museum. Ash and I just admired the outside and then made our way to Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece: La Sagrada Familia. This church was unbelievable. Gaudi began his plans for the church in 1883, but because construction relied on private donations, the building of the church went by slowly and unfortunately, due to a Tram accident, Gaudi passed away in 1926, unable to ever see his finished product. Due to interruptions from the Spanish Civil war and still slowly incoming funds, the church remains unfinished, but there are plans of a finished product in 2026, the centennial of Gaudi’s death. I really can’t even find words to describe how breathtakingly unreal this place was so I’m just gonna steal some pictures from the internet.

Ash and I also got to see a fountain show that they call the “Magic Fountain” which can also sort of be seen in the video I posted above. And we made sure to eat a crazy amount of food and Tapas. Our favorite being “Patatas Bravas” which were french fries with a spicy mayo sauce on top. SOOO ridiculously good. The club scene was insane. Although I may have over done it the first night, and couldn’t really find the energy to go out with Ashley and a couple of her friends from Rome, the following night, Club nights should actually be considered club mornings as they usually being around 12 or 1 am and don’t end until 6 or 7 in the morning. Yikes. Our first night there we ended up accidentally in the VIP line of the club, but after pulling the stupid American card, they let us in for free, gave us free drink vouchers, a free shirt, and free shots. We had an absolute blast!

We also got in a beautiful walk around Montjuic Mountain where the 1992 Olympics took place, and at the very top was Castell de Monjuic which provided gorgeous landscaping and sights of the city. It was at a little restaurant up there that we discovered the beauty of Heineken and Lemonade mixed together. It’s my new favorite thing. Unfortunately it was still a bit to cold to try out the beaches, but we still got to go for a nice walk along them!

Fun fact about Barcelona: Their first language isn’t actually Spanish, its Catalan. The language seems incredibly complicated with hints of French, Spanish, and Italian. Their word for thank you being a strongly pronounced “merci” and good morning: “Bon Dia” We had so much fun some days just wandering around popping into crazy little shops and finding one of a kind jewelry and clothes.

And that was my unbelievable spring break of 2014. I’m still in shock at how lucky I am to be experiencing so many incredible things at my age. And it doesn’t stop there. Tomorrow I leave for Easter weekend in Rome where I get to experience Easter Mass with Pope Francis!!! Seriously someone pinch me!!!

Also, I’ve gotten some more mail from Susie and Carl,Ceil, and Aunt Ruth! I loved my cards and my updates on everyone and everything! Thank you guys so much!!! I can’t wait to respond to them all!! Now I need to start packing for Roma! Happy Eater everyone!

Until Next time,

Nellie xo


5 thoughts on “Bienvenidas esto es mi sueño

  1. Cecelia Flynn Wms says:

    Wow… again!!! I am so amazed by YOU!!! You are really doing great with this blog!! I love every entry!! Can’t wait to hear all about Rome, so excited you are actually going to spend Easter Sunday with the greatest Pope ever!!! Wow… again!!!
    Good Luck, God Bless, Stay Safe!!! Love You!!! XXOO
    p.s. Take some pics for my sake ~ makin me crazy!!

  2. Charlotte Flynn says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow!………… HUGE your world has become. I can’t wait to hear about Rome, say hello to my friend Francis. So happy you’ll be home to us soon. Your little people from your little home town miss you. xoxoxo

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